How to clean mold from a canvas tent

Updated February 21, 2017

A canvas tent can be very useful for individuals who enjoy camping, hunting and other similar outdoor activities. If you've used the canvas tent when it was raining, though, you may notice that the tent has mould on it. This may gross you out a little but it is also a problem that can be easily fixed. With the right products and some scrubbing, you will be able to clean mould from your canvas tent in less than an hour.

Buy a canvas tent cleaning product (see Resources below). These cleaning products are meant to remove and prevent the growth of mould on canvas tents. You can find these products at many stores that sell hunting and camping equipment or online.

Assemble your tent. This will make scrubbing both the outside and inside portions of the tent much easier.

Mix the canvas tent cleaning product with warm water. Follow the directions found on the label of your cleaning product. These directions will differ depending on the product you buy as well as the size of your canvas tent.

Add half a cup of white vinegar to the cleaning solution. Doing this adds a little bit more "strength" to the cleaning solution, helping to better clean the mould from your canvas tent.

Saturate the bristles of your scrub brush. You will want the brush dripping wet since you'll be thoroughly scrubbing the canvas.

Scrub any areas of your canvas tent that are mouldy. If possible, place your hand on the opposite side of the canvas when doing this so that you can scrub harder. You may want to have a partner place his hand on the other side of the canvas, as well. You'll want to scrub with a good amount of force since you're trying to remove mould. You don't have to worry about ruining your tent as canvas is very sturdy.

Leave your tent out in the sun to dry once you finish scrubbing the canvas. Make sure that your tent is fully dry before you put it away. Otherwise, more mould could accumulate on the canvas.

Things You'll Need

  • Canvas cleaning products
  • Bristle scrub brush
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