How to remove tree sap from a nylon tent

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Despite your best efforts to keep a tent clean, the inevitable usually occurs. When you bring a tent home with spots of tree sap dotting the nylon surface, remove the sticky marks as quickly as possible. Choose cleaning ingredients that will not harm the nylon surface to preserve the tent's water-repelling properties. With gentle effort, you can remove tree sap from a nylon tent and keep your tent fabric looking clean and attractive.

Saturate the sponge with isopropyl alcohol. Blot at the sap with the sponge carefully. Do not apply more alcohol than necessary to loosen and remove the sap from the nylon. Continue blotting until you remove as much of the sap as possible.

Rinse the isopropyl alcohol from the sponge and apply a small amount of washing-up liquid to make the sponge soapy. Rub the sap area on the tent with the soapy sponge to wash away any residual isopropyl alcohol from the nylon surface. Continue rubbing the tent until you wash it thoroughly.

Remove all traces of the washing-up liquid from the sponge and use the sponge to rinse away the soap from the nylon surface. Continue rubbing the tent gently until you remove all the soap.

Leave the tent out so the nylon dries completely.

Reapply water repellent over the area where you applied the isopropyl alcohol to ensure the tent will not leak in this location.

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