How to Remove Bird Droppings From Brick

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Bird droppings on brick exteriors and brick patios are unsightly, to say the least. Unfortunately, the droppings can also damage your brick and your health. Exposure to pigeon droppings can result in potentially fatal lung diseases, such as cryptococcosis and histoplasmosis. Regular removal of bird droppings helps reduce their negative effects.

Put on your gloves and face mask. These items will help protect you from any diseases present in the bird droppings.

Spray the entire surface with a hose. By wetting the brick before cleaning, you are ensuring that the brick does not absorb any of the cleaner. You are also preventing any particles of bird dropping from becoming airborne.

Fill your bucket with cold water. Wet your brush in the bucket and scrub the affected area. If cold water does not remove the bird droppings, repeat the process with warm water.

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