How to Get Rid of Darkling Beetles

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Darkling beetles are common pests inside of homes. Another name for these pests is mealworms. Darkling beetles look more similar to a worm than a beetle. They are typically 1 inch long and have a tough exoskeleton. They often dwell in dark cabinets or in food with grains such as breads, flour and cake mix.

This type of larvae can also reproduce in the food. This could cause a problem in your home, if you do not take care of it immediately.

Sweep up any darkling beetle larvae outside on your porch or balcony, and mop up or use a vacuum to collect any larvae inside your home. Sweep the larvae into a garbage bag, seal the bag and dump it immediately.

Place your infected food into an oven-safe container. Place the container into the oven and set it between 54.4 and 65.5 degrees Cor 30 minutes. The darkling beetles will die during this time.

Take the container out of the oven. Place the food into plastic bags and dispose of them immediately. Do not reuse the container.

Spray darkling beetle pesticide outside of your home. Spray each time after a rain to prevent infestation.