Where to Donate Old Furniture

Updated March 23, 2017

Donating your old and used furniture is an important way to contribute both to society and to the planet. You not only help the environment by preventing any further waste from being added to overflowing landfills, but you can also help a family in need who may not have basic furnishings in their home. There are numerous charities and non-profit organisations dedicated to helping others by accepting furniture donations and providing them to others for reuse.

Donate old furniture through the Help1Up organisation. A program of the National Furniture Bank Association, Help1Up provides an extensive list of furniture banks across the nation on its website. You can search by zip code and find an organisation near you that will pickup your furniture and provide it to families in need.

Donate furniture through the Reuse Development Organization (ReDO), a non-profit organisation that supports the reuse of furniture and other household items. Organised by state, the ReDO website helps you find organisations that accept furniture donations.

Donate old furniture to The Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries. Both charities have a large nationwide network of thrift stores. Contact your local thrift store to arrange pickup of your furniture. Both organisations will sell your furniture at their stores, and use the proceeds to fund their numerous community education and training programs.

Donate old furniture to your local abuse or homeless shelters. These organisations provide safe havens and can use furniture to outfit their accommodations and provide comfort to those in need.

Donate old furniture to Big Brothers Big Sisters, the nation's largest organisation for aiding and mentoring at-risk youths. Your furniture could help in one of their multiple youth activities and programs. Contact your local agency to arrange for a pickup of your furniture.


Check if there are any requirements for donating your old furniture. Some organisations will only accept certain types of furniture, or items that are in very good condition. Get a donation receipt from the organisation. Pass it on to your accountant so that you can receive the correct tax-deductible credits.

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