How to shave the pubic area while pregnant

Updated June 13, 2017

Many women prefer to keep their pubic area neat by either shaving or waxing it. Some keep it trimmed, others keep it bare and others prefer to retain just a little hair. No matter how a woman likes to keep her pubic region, it can be difficult to shave when she is pregnant. As a woman's belly grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to bend over and to see down there. Toward the end of the pregnancy, a woman likely loses the ability to see her pubic area at all, and that makes wielding a razor a scary prospect.

Trim the hair as much as possible with electric clippers, if you have them. The more you trim during this step, the fewer passes you will have to make with the razor, which will help to prevent razor burn. To prevent a mess, straddle the toilet seat, facing backward; that way, you can immediately flush the hair you trim. Be extremely careful when trying to balance in this position. Keep in mind that the clippers are electric and you are sitting over a big bowl of water. Use the handheld mirror to guide you if you can't see the area you are trying to trim.

Brush away as much hair as possible so it doesn't get tangled up in your razor.

Hop in the shower and wash your hair and body, allowing time for your pubic hair to soften under the warm water.

Adjust the showerhead so that it won't be spraying on you while you are trying to shave your pubic area.

Lather up your pubic region with a generous amount of gentle shaving cream.

Guide your razor along your public region. If you aren't comfortable guiding your razor with your free hand, lift one leg and rest it on the edge of the tub. You should be able to catch a glimpse of one side of your pubic region by elevating one leg and looking around the side of your belly. Shave as much as you can this way, then switch sides. Don't worry; you don't have to get all the hair off in the shower.

Rinse your razor often so you don't have to make as many passes, and can therefore prevent razor burn. Lather up as many times as necessary to help prevent razor burn.

Rinse your pubic area thoroughly once you have removed as much hair as possible in the shower. Use the washcloth to remove as much hair from the area as you can during this step.

Turn off the shower and carefully get out.

Find a chair that you can sit in, such as a dining-room chair. Place it in front of the bathroom sink so you can place your legs up on the sink and slouch in the chair.

Lather up your pubic area again. Turn on the warm water in the sink and use the handheld mirror to guide you through the rest of the shaving process. If you have trouble getting the inner regions of your pubic area, ask your significant other to hold the mirror for you, or try to prop it up on the bathroom sink. Rinse your razor often and lather as many times as necessary.

Use your washcloth and warm water to rinse when you are done, then dry the area with a towel.


Remember your balance can be off when pregnant, so be extra careful when balancing on one leg and when getting in and out of the shower.


Using soap to shave the pubic area may cause irritation.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric clippers (optional)
  • Handheld mirror
  • Shaving cream
  • Razor
  • Washcloth
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