How to make a Barbie in a box Halloween costume

Updated February 21, 2017

Barbie is popular Halloween costume. You can make this costume for an adult or a child with the perfect Barbie clothes, such as a satin black dress, prom dress or wedding gown. Barbie in a box will be a novelty costume for Halloween night or a party.

Cardboard box

Look for a cardboard box that will be the right height for the person who is dressing like Barbie. Contact a local appliance dealer and ask for an appliance box from their leftovers if an adult is Barbie. A florist may also have a box from their wholesaler that will be a good size to use. Barbie is going to walk and carry the box. Cut out the top half of the section in the front so that she can walk with ease and still appear to be nestled in the box.

Look at Barbie boxes in a collection or at a store to get ideas for how you want the box to look. Spray paint the box white, then spray a second coat of pink or white. You could also choose to do "Halloween Barbie" and decorate the box in orange and black.

Stencil or freehand draw the Barbie name and logo on the box along with the name of the particular theme of Barbie. Use stickers or paint in the desired colours to look like box art. Princess Barbie, Trick or Treat, Witch or Ghostly Barbie are a few ideas.

Have Barbie lay in the box and mark the waist and shoulder area. Create a harness from backpack shoulder straps or webbed belts. Cut slits in box and thread the belts or harness material through it. Test to see if the Barbie can slip into the harness and stand and hold the box comfortably. Secure the harness material with duct tape and hide it with a big bow on the outside of the box. This makes it look as if the box is a gift.

Choose a Barbie costume, make-up and wig to match the theme you picked. Barbie is wearing a harness, she will need a cape, fur or feathered boa to cover the strapping.

Foam core box

You can make a lightweight box from foam core board. You will need 4 to 6 sheets of foam core, which you can get at a craft store. Measure the person dressing as Barbie and sketch out a box that she will fit in.

Cut the foam core into back, side panels, half bottom piece and top box sections. Use matching coloured duct or other packing tape to form a box and seal securely.

Decorate the box. Cut slits for shoulder straps.

Make sure to disguise the straps with a cape or similar garment.


Have the project done one week before it is needed so the person can practice wearing the costume with the harness. When using a wholesale florist box, wipe the inside with a disinfectant cloth before decorating Cut out side panels and cover with clear mylar to give the person better side vision if she's walking any distance.


Do not go near candles or any type of fire when wearing the box.

Things You'll Need

  • Large cardboard box or foam core board
  • Clothes that look like a Barbie outfit
  • Blond wig
  • Make-up
  • Wide ribbon
  • Non toxic spray paint
  • Backpack shoulder strapping or belts with clip buckles
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