How to Create Your Own Wrestling Avatar

Updated February 21, 2017

Wrestling avatars are great when you want to represent your pride for your favorite wrestler or wrestling federation. Knowing how to create one can be a great benefit to you and your friends.

First decide what kind of picture you want for your wrestling avatar. Searching the Internet for your favorite wrestler is simple because many people post pictures of their favorite wrestler. Find sites where you can resize your wrestling photo to the exact proportion you need for your avatar. Sites that automatically shrink pictures, for example, take a lot of the work out of creating wrestling avatars. You can upload your own picture and resize it to the size allowed in your forum.

Also, if you use use Photoshop or any other photo editing program, simply import the picture of your choice and use your respective resize options.

For those who participate in fantasy wrestling federations, the limits are endless when it comes to creating wrestling avatars. A hero machine lets you make the wrestling avatar slightly more animated than if you used the actual likeness of the professionals. There are several types of hero machines to choose from:. Classic, Version 2.5, Real Life Edition, Rock Star Edition and Pin-Up Edition. You can choose from four different poses (male, female, short, tall). The sites also have a variety of accessories to choose from when it comes to hair, clothes, eyes, etc.

DoppelMe gives you the chance to create smaller avatars that can be used for wrestling. Choose from a variety of faces and features. The only difference is that you can create this avatar in your own likeness. Choose between male and female avatars, skin tones, facial expressions and outfits. Just remember that you need to save this image to your computer once you're done.

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