How to Look Like a Rock Chick

Rock chicks give off a sexy, rebellious vibe. They look like they don't care what other people think of them. If you admire the rock chick look and wish you could look like your favorite rock musician, it's really easy to reproduce her look. Follow these steps to get the rock chick look without looking like a poser.

Buy the right eye makeup. Look for bold, shimmery eye shadow and dark eyeliner and mascara.

Apply your eye makeup and go for a dark bold look. You don't want to go skimpy on your eye makeup; rock chicks always have very dramatic eyes.

Style your hair like a cool rock chick. If you admire a member of your favorite band's hairstyle, try to reproduce it. You may need to get a different hair cut to pull it off.

Wear clothes that resemble what your favorite band would wear. Make sure that you are comfortable in what you choose to wear, or you might end up looking like a poser instead of a rock chick.

Choose funky jewelry to complete your look. Try wearing studded belts, big funky earrings or chains to make you look more like a rock chick.

Act as if you don't care what people think about you. Rock chicks have a confident attitude, so if you want to pull off the look, you need to develop the attitude. If you act self-conscious people will think you are a poser.


If you are old enough to get a piercing without your parent's permission, a cool facial piercing can make you look more like a rock chick.

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