How to contour breasts for cleavage

While there’s nothing wrong with smaller breasts there are times you crave a cleavage. You may want to dazzle in your wedding dress, or create an hourglass silhouette in an evening gown. The dip or hollow between the breasts that is exposed in a low-cut top is seen as quintessentially feminine and sexy. Moulding and shaping the breasts using bras, clothing and make-up tricks can create the illusion of a killer cleavage even when you are not well-endowed, without going under the knife.

Buy a push-up bra to create uplift and cleavage. Uplift bras push your breasts up and together using pads; gel, silicone or “microbead” inserts; or even string between the cups which is tightened to create an enhanced cleavage when you want it.

Pad your regular bra to contour your breasts and create volume under your shirt. Buy breast enhancers known as “chicken fillets” to slip inside the cups of your bra. The breast enhancers are made from silicone gel and are invisible beneath your clothes.

Adjust your bra for extra cleavage. Clip a safety pin or tie a flat ribbon around the bra straps at the back. Pulling the straps closer together behind squeezes the breasts closer together in front.

Visit the salon for a professional spray tan application to create cleavage. The beautician uses an airbrush to build up different shades and create the illusion of a deeper cleavage. You can do the same thing at home with a spray tan but it will be harder to achieve exactly the same effect.

Create cleavage with makeup. Apply a dark-coloured bronzer or powder between the breasts, blending up and out to create a v-shape. Use a lighter-coloured powder and apply it to the top half of the breasts, blending well.

Dress to enhance your breasts and cleavage. Don’t choose a top that’s too low cut as this can draw attention to small breasts. Choose v-neck tops, sweetheart necklines, and tops and dresses with underwired and structured cups.


Good posture is important. Keeping your shoulders back and your chest out enhances the look of your breasts and helps create cleavage.

Things You'll Need

  • Push-up bra
  • Breast enhancers
  • Safety pin or ribbon
  • Spray tan
  • Bronzer and powder
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