Difference between office professional & office enterprise

Updated March 23, 2017

As of 2010, Microsoft Office 2007 was the latest office version to offer a suite called Enterprise. Microsoft Office 2010 offered a suite called Pro Plus, which contains many of the same features as Enterprise.


Pro 2007 offered Accounting Express 2008, which was not offered on Enterprise 2007. Enterprise 2007 offered OneNote, Groove, Communicator and InfoPath, which were not offered on Pro 2007.


Consumers choosing between purchasing Pro or Enterprise had to decide whether they needed Accounting Express 2008 more than they needed OneNote, Groove, Communicator or InfoPath. Consumers could also get all of these applications, with the exception of Communicator, from Office Ultimate 2007.


As of 2010, OneNote, Groove and InfoPath could all be purchased separately; however, a consumer needed to purchase Enterprise 2007 to get Communicator. Accounting Express was available as a free download.

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