GrabIt Won't Decode

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Grabit is a free utility you can use to download content from Usenet news servers. You can search for NZB files offered for download on Usenet, and run Grabit to manage the file download. Grabit downloads the files in the NZB package and decodes them, so you can open the files and view the contents.

Although Grabit automatically repairs most incomplete downloads when errors occur in decoding, you can find instances where you need to manually troubleshoot the issue if Grabit won't decode a particular file.

Navigate to another website to check your Internet connection. As Grabit cannot decode incompletely downloaded files, the error may relate to a lost connection.

Click "Start" and select "Computer." Right-click your hard drive, which is typically the "C" drive, and select "Properties" from the drop-down menu. Click the "Tools" tab and click on "Defragment now." Follow on-screen prompts to defragment your hard drive. Optimising the speed of your hard drive could help speed up the performance of Grabit.

Download the NZB file again and start the Grabit session to restart the download. Sometimes errors in connecting may result in an incomplete download of a file. If you still get an error that Grabit cannot decode the file, you may have a corrupt or incomplete file.

Search for an alternate download if the file is corrupt. You can go to sites like NZBs(dot)ORG or NZBMatrix to search for a substitute download.