How to Fix MAPI 1.0 With an MAPI Repair Tool

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MAPI (Messaging Application Program Interface) 1.0 is a program interface, used in Microsoft Windows, that allows you to send e-mail from within an application.

If the MAPI program interface becomes corrupted, your computer may display a variety of MAPI error messages and the ability to send mail from applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, will be disabled. Fortunately, there is a utility already installed on your computer that can fix MAPI by replacing the core file, called "fixmapi.exe."

Open the Start menu and type "Mapi32.dll" into the search field.

Right-click the "Mapi32.dll" file name and click "Rename."

Type in "Mapi32.old" as the file name and press "Enter."

Click the "Start" menu button and type "fixmapi.exe" into the search field, then press "Enter" to run the file. There may be no visible process occurring, but the "fixmapi.exe" program will create a new "Mapi32.dll" file. If a program window appears, follow the instructions to fix or recreate the MAPI core file.

Restart your computer and allow the operating system to load.

Launch your e-mail client and click the "Send Mail" or "Send/Receive Mail" button. Successful sending of any mail in the program's outbox indicates that the MAPI core file has been fixed and the MAPI error has been resolved.