Oledata.mso files are files that are created using Outlook Express 2000 through 2010 and transferred from one computer to another as attachments in an e-mail. If you have Microsoft Office 2007’s Professional edition installed in your computer, then you have Outlook 2007 and have the ability of opening oledata.mso files without a problem. If you don’t have Outlook, then you don’t need to open these files; they are only used to open other Microsoft Office attachments Word documents or Excel spreadsheets that have been attached to an e-mail.

Click “Start/All Programs/Microsoft Office/Outlook Express” to open Outlook Express on your computer.

Open the email with the oledata.mso attachment on it and then click on the attachment to download it.

Download the attachment and Outlook Express will open it using Microsoft Word, Excel or FrontPage, depending on what type of file the attachment is supposed to have.