What kind of fabric repels dog hair the best?

Updated November 21, 2016

Longhair or short-haired, pets can leave substantial amounts of their hair on clothing and furniture. Some kinds of fabric are better at repelling dog hair than others. Nanotex and Crypton are two such fabrics.

Leather/Synthetic Leather/Vinyl

Any furniture upholstery made of a durable, smooth material will remain free of pet hair as long as you give it an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. According to HomeEnvy columnist Kimberley Seldon, leather is "an exceptional choice" if pet hair is a concern; however, she cautions that "it won't stand up to sharp claws."

Anti-Static Treated Cloth

Certain treatments will render synthetic cloth static-free, such as the "Resists Static" treatment by Nano-Tex. According to a press release from the manufacturer, Resists Static "reduces static cling and repels statically-attractive substances --- such as dog hair, lint and dust --- [and] can be applied to fleece, activewear, uniforms, suit linings and slacks, in addition to other garments." The Resists Static treatment is applied to the fabric during the manufacturing process, at which time the fabric is soaked in the treatment and is heated until dry. This process bonds the treatment to the fabric, making it impossible to wash out or to remove.

"Crypton" Brand Fabrics

According to the Crypton Fabric website, Crypton fabric is "an engineered textile made with pretested and approved fabrics that have specific fibre and construction requirements." The fabric is available to designers and architects through the company's distributors. Because of its pet hair-repelling qualities, the manufacturers of Crypton Brand fabrics make pet furniture using this textile in a line of pet products and other products for the home.

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