How Can I Remove Hair Dye From Ceramic Tile?

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Dyeing your hair at home is economical but can make a big mess in your bathroom. Anyone who's dyed her hair at home knows she can't always prevent drips from marking the bathroom tile. Since it's imprtant to treat hair dye stains on ceramic tile as quickly as possible, be sure to have the right cleaning materials on hand before starting a home dye job.

Wipe away the drip as soon as you see it, using an old towel. It's likely that even if you catch it immediately, there will be a visible stain where the drip landed, if you're using a dark hair dye.

Soak a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol and lay it on top of the stain. Wait one to two minutes.

Remove the wet pad and rub the area with a clean cotton pad until the stain has faded. You may need to repeat the steps if you didn't catch the stain right away.

Apply chlorine bleach to the stain if rubbing alcohol doesn't remove it. Let bleach sit on the stain until it fades, then rinse.

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