Easy Homemade Baby Shower Decorations

Updated April 25, 2018

Baby shower decorations set the tone of the party. No matter what the theme, there are a few easy, traditional homemade decorations that always fit in. Some shower decorations double as gifts for the mom-to-be or as favours for the guests.

Diaper Cake

The diaper cake is a classic homemade baby shower centrepiece, the showstopper of all the decorations. While it's easy to make, it's also a little time consuming. The three-tiered cake is made of rolled up disposable diapers, stood upright and tied altogether with wide satin ribbon. Baby items top the cake.


A baby clothesline is an easy to make baby shower decoration that doubles as a gift for the impending arrival. String "clotheslines" of ribbon across windows, doorways and mantelpieces. Use coloured clothes pins to hang a variety of newborn baby clothes across the line, such as onesies, socks, bibs and gowns. Make it gender-specific or gender-neutral, depending on the clothes.

Jars and Bottles

Fill dozens of empty baby bottles or food jars with anything that adds to the ambience of the party. Use pink or blue jelly beans, votive candles or even black and white close ups of baby parts like hands, feet, ears and bellies. Tie ribbons around the neck of each one and make a single display, or place them throughout the space.

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