Where Can I Find Wedding Sand Ceremony Sets?

The sand ceremony that takes place during a wedding is a unique way of showing the unity between a new husband and wife, or between a newly blended family. Two different colours of sand are placed in two separate containers. During the ceremony, the bride and groom pour their sand into a larger vase in the middle, symbolising the way their lives are mixing together. The kits can be bought in various places, mainly online.

Daisy Days

This website ( offers personalised vases and containers in various shapes and sizes, including heart shaped. They also have different coloured sand that you can purchase separately.

The Wedding Outlet

This online store ( also sells various unity sand kits. They even have a kit that includes candles that can be lit, along with the blending of sand.

Wedding Resources

This online shop has a large selection, including large vases with a double heart etching on the side.

Heirloom Hourglass sells this unique unity sand vial. It is shaped like an hourglass. During the ceremony, you pour the sand into the top, and it gently flows down to the bottom during the remainder of your wedding.

Gracious Bridal

At this website (, there is a set of three nesting vases. They have curving sides that match up together when placed side by side.

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