Can You Use Hair Straighteners on Fine Hair?

Updated July 19, 2017

A common misconception is that people with fine hair shouldn't use hair straighteners. In fact, there are hair straighteners for all types of hair. Using a hair straightener is safe so long as certain aspects are taken into consideration.

Benefits of Hair Straightener

When used properly, a hair straightener makes styling frizzy, unruly hair easy. It also adds variety in hair styling options for individuals with curly hair.

Types of Hair Straighteners for Fine Hair

Choose a hair straightener with a plate that is no bigger than one to one-and-a-half inches wide. Use a one-inch straightener for short hair and a one-and-a-half inch straightener for medium to long hair.

The hair straightener should have ceramic plates. Otherwise, your hair may break and over time become thin in appearance.

Proper Temperature for Fine Hair

Another important feature to look for in a hair straightener is adjustable temperature control. When straightening fine hair, don't use a temperature any higher than 360 degrees or the hair may burn.

Heat Protection Products

Use heat protection products such as Sedu Color Heat Protecting Boost or CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray to provide extra protection when using a hair straightener. Heat protection products are available in most salons.


Do not use straighteners with metal plates or the hair may break. Do not use hair straighteners several times a day or damage may occur. Do not go over the same section of hair more than three times when straightening or the hair may burn.

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