What Not to Wear Under White Pants

Updated February 21, 2017

White trousers are good summer staples. They are versatile, and their brightness makes any outfit pop. However, white trousers tend to be a bit see-through under bright sunlight. Save yourself the embarrassment and take the time to pair the right type of underwear with white trousers.

Wrong Underwear

Dark-coloured underwear will obviously show under white trousers. Any patterns, pastel and even white underwear easily show through as well.

Right Underwear

The underwear's colour should closely match your skin colour. Select beige, sand, nude or any other skin tone colour underwear when wearing white trousers.

No Panty Line

To eliminate panty lines, choose nude-coloured thongs or boy shorts underwear. For a slimmer silhouette, consider nude shaping wear that smooths your waist and thighs.

White Skirts

The same rule applies for white colour skirts or dresses. But with skirts, you have the option to wear a slip to increase the white skirt's opacity.

Summer Wardrobe

A white pantsuit makes sleek summer work wear. An outfit consists of white jeans and nautical stripe top is casual yet polished. With the right undergarment, you can wear white trousers with confidence.

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