Free Laptops Used for Students

Updated March 23, 2017

Various computer companies often host programs offering free used laptops for students prior to a new school year. Non-profit organisations and educational grant programs also occasionally offer free used or new laptops for secondary and college students. Some colleges across the nation include the use of a laptop with admission.

Grants and Scholarships

Local and non-profit community groups sometimes offer small college grants and tuition scholarships for graduating high school seniors--which could be one potential source for a free used or new laptop. Students can enter an application or essay contest to become eligible for consideration for such grants. The language in the grant application should be read carefully. In many instances, the cost of a laptop for educational purposes can be included as a college-related expense.


Fastweb offers online resources for college bound students seeking scholarships and related forms of assistance. The website features free used or new laptops. Most offers feature a strict time frame for application and can require personal knowledge about the student for processing. Some of the deals and discounts featured on Fastweb require parental permission.

Poorer Than You

The "Poorer than You" website sometimes features information about laptop giveaways and contests featuring laptops as prizes. For example, the site has featured an HP Freshman laptop giveaway.

College America

College America provides free laptops for enrolled students taking classes through its programs. Students receive free laptops once enrolled and gain total ownership after graduation. College America conducts a higher education program entirely online and offers financial aid for qualifying students. Students can also attend traditional classes at other learning institutions but must maintain classes through College America or return the free Apple laptop.

Free Laptop Website

The "Free Laptop Website" features also provides programs and contests for free student laptops. The number and type of used or new laptops available varies depending upon the time of the year and companies participating. Some of the free laptops come with strings attached, and each deal should be read carefully before entering the contest or ordering the portable computer.


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