Teen Girl Bedroom Design Ideas

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Teenage girls appreciate the chance to put their own personality into their surroundings, and the best place for them to do this is in their bedrooms. Decorating a teen girl's bedroom is sometimes an exercise in negotiation and decorative improvisation, but the end result is a bedroom that reflects your teen girl's personality and interests.

Accent Colors

In a plain white room, use strongly-coloured accents to draw the eye. Start with a room that is a pure blank canvas with white carpeting or hardwood floors and white walls. Use white furniture and even a white bedspread. Accent the room with the teen girl's favourite bright colour--whether it is turquoise, magenta or black. Some areas that can use accents include the drawers of the desk, the moulding and baseboard and the frames of the pictures. Add pillow shams in the right colour to add to the effect.

Bohemian Chic

For a teen girl who is environmentally conscious and who loves hippie fashions, consider decorating her room using bohemian chic. Scour the thrift store for vintage furniture, make curtains out of wild print fabrics and adorn the wall with cloth tapestries. This cluttered look suits many teen girls, and it is a look you can adjust to suit her tastes as she grows.

Accent Wall

When a teen girl loves a certain colour but it seems unwise to paint all four walls in that colour, paint just one wall instead. An accent wall adds a bright splash of colour to an otherwise bare room, and it brings out the contrast between the colour in question and the other white walls. Choose a wall that is not immediately visible upon entering the room to keep the effect more subdued and subtle. Add vinyl decals to the accent wall to further set it apart from the others.

Japanese Influenced Decor

For a teen girl who adores Japanese culture, a bare look to her room can evoke the clean, empty look of a Japanese traditional home. Replace the standard bed with a platform bed and place straw mats on the wooden floor. Banish as much clutter as you can and keep knick-knacks and souvenirs out of sight in drawers and closets. Add a bamboo plant to the windowsill, and place a few smooth pebbles around the room for a smooth visual texture.

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