What can you wear with red jeans?

Red jeans can be worn in any season, dressed up to go out on the town or dressed down to be casual, and they come in a variety of materials, from stretch cotton blends to corduroy. When paired with the right clothing and accessories, red jeans can make a bold, stylish fashion statement.


The first thing to consider when picking out a top to pair with red jeans is colour. It is best to avoid trying to find a red top, as it will be quite noticeable should the red colour of the top and the red colour of the jeans not match.

Colors that look best with red jeans are white, grey, black, pale yellow and navy blue. Black and white and black and navy blue striped shirts also look great with red jeans. Avoid bright yellows, oranges, greens (unless you're going for a Christmastime look) and purple, as these colours paired with red jeans look busy and overwhelming.


Both gold and silver jewellery will work with a red jeans outfit. Black and white jewellery also works well. When it comes to scarves, choose one that has either no red or just a hint of red, preferably in a shade close to that of your jeans.

When choosing a handbag, the colour of your shoes will be a factor, but avoid wearing a red one. Again, it can be tricky trying to match reds, and it will be obvious if the red of your handbag doesn't match that of your jeans. If you want red in your handbag, choose one that has a few elements or embellishments in red, not one that is mostly red.


As with tops and accessories, any style shoe will work with red jeans. You can dress up with stilettos, peep-toed heels, strappy sandals or pointy-toed pumps, or dress casually with flip-flops, espadrilles or ballet flats. As far as colour, black, grey and white look best and are the most versatile.

For a cute nautical look, pair your red jeans with a white and navy blue striped top, gold or diamond earrings, a navy blue or white scarf, white shoes and a white handbag. The nautical look can work any time of year, but is especially trendy during the summer season.