Best ways to arrange furniture in a small bedroom

Ideal small bedroom setup

When you live in a tight, small bedroom, you want to have as little furniture as possible. The way you arrange the furniture directly affects your perception of how much space you have in the room. Sit down and draw out your furniture plan on a piece of paper before you start moving items around.

Bed-Desk Combination and Bed/Desk Placement

Wherever possible, combine two pieces of furniture into one. You can do this with a bed-desk combination. It is set up like a bunk bed, only the bottom "bunk" is a desk where you can work. Place this bed-desk combination on the farthest wall from your door. You want to line the walls so that there will be an empty space in the middle of the room, even if it is only the size of a small hallway.

If you don't want or have a bed-desk combination, place your desk closest to a window against the same wall where your bed head (or foot) meets the wall. Place your desk 1 foot or so away from the bed or on the other side of the window.

A closet usually will be built towards the left or right corner of a wall, but if for some reason your closet is toward the middle of the wall that is across from your bedroom door, place the bed head or foot against that opposite wall, flush with the left side of the room. Place your nightstand to the right of the bed (if there is enough spaceā€”if not, consider nixing the nightstand) and put your desk on the same wall as the door.

Tall Bureaus

Instead of using long dresser drawers, buy tall bureaus so that you can take advantage of your vertical space. Place the bureau at the foot or head of the bed or bed-desk (depending on which end points out from the wall). If you live in an area that is affected by earthquakes, place the dresser against the wall at the foot of the bed.

If a closet door is on the same wall as the bed, move the dresser to the adjacent wall, out of reach of the closet door.


If you have a nightstand, place it directly next to the head of your bed. Consider dropping the nightstand from the room if your desk will be set directly next to your bed, as the corner of the desk can double as a nightstand to hold your alarm clock.

Television Stand

If your room has a television, place the TV stand against the opposite wall from where your bed was placed. You should always place the focal point (where most of your attention will go) across the room from your bed.

Consider putting a TV stand mount on your wall so that you can have more space to move around in your small bedroom. Again, mount this on the opposite wall from where you will sleep.

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