Hi, my name is Robert Herdan and I'm the owner of WestOaks Tile. Today, we're going to show you how to install outdoor solar lighting. Okay, today we're going to install our outdoor solar lighting. This one here is, got a motion detector on it so we're going to put it above our doorway, now we want to put it center above our doorway but the reason we've decided to use a outdoor solar is because with solar we don't require any energy other than the sun. So to get started here I'm going to get up on the ladder, okay, now that I've got on top of the ladder, I'm going to use my tape measure here, I'm going to measure the distance from the wall to the end of our doorway, now that comes out to forty and a half inches. Then what I'm going to do is I'm going to measure the distance from the wall on the top where I'm going to install our solar light and I'm going to mark that at twenty and a quarter. Okay, now that I've made my mark, I will put my tape away, I'm going to grab my nail punch, I will take my nail punch and I'm going to just tap that in and put my hammer away. Now that I've gotten my hole marked and set I will go ahead and put my screw in. Okay, now we've put the screw in, we've got it centered of the doorway. I will take our new solar outdoor light that I have here with the batteries already in it and I will just put that right in place. Now we have just installed the first piece of our solar outdoor lighting and we will continue to the second part which is the actual solar cells that will charge our batteries. Now we're going to take our solar panel and we're going to install this with the best spot to get the most sun we can and for the length of the wire that we have that leads us back to our actual solar light. So I've already premarked my holes here and I'm going to take my cordless drill and I'm going to put the first screw in. So we'll go ahead and get that started, now you don't want to put that in all the way because you want to be able to line those holes up just where you want em, get our second screw and again I'm leaving it a little bit loose until we get our third screw in. Okay, so now we'll just tighten up these remaining screws. Okay, now we got this nice and secured, we'll go ahead and adjust our little panels so we get it just where we want it. Okay, now that our solar panel is secure, we're going to take our wiring and we're going to begin to hide that now, it can vary at depending on your home where the best location will be, for us we're going to hide our wiring behind the fascia board and we will use staples, you can use staples, you can even get electrical staples that have plastic on em so that they wont injure the wire that you have and our case we're going ahead and just staple the wire to the back of the fascia board. Okay, now that I have run the wire close to our solar light motion sensor, I will take the remaining of this wire and I'm just going to hide it for aesthetic reasons, I've already mapped out a really good location for that and I'm going to tuck it underneath these here so that I can get a nice clean look to this and just plug it in like so. Okay, now we have completed our outdoor solar lighting system with motion sensor. I'm Robert Herdan and we've just installed our outdoor solar lighting.