Hi, this is Ray with Westchester Plumbing. And today, I'm going to show you how to repair a leaky water heater supply line. You're going to notice that the water heater supply line has a leak at the top. You could try them by tightening it, see if that stops the leak. Doesn't look like it, so the next step would be to replace it. First thing you would do is turn your water off, which is located right above the water heater on the right hand side. Relieve the pressure out of the water heater. Just lift this little knob up. You'll notice some water comes out, and then it stops. That relieves the pressure. Unscrew your supply line from the top and from the bottom. Just pull it off, get your new supply line, which is going to come out, when you purchase it, it's going to be straight. So, you're going to have to form it to the shape fits your water heater. You could start by screwing it on the top. Screw as tight as you can by hand. Then, just grab it and bend it. They're pretty flexible, you won't kink it. Screw the bottom, tighten it by hand. And, the rest is with the pliers. So, you want to tighten it snug. Don't want to over tighten it and break something. Once you feel that it's tight, slowly turn your water back on. And, that's how you repair a water heater leak.