Hi this is Christian from Mellow Johnny's in Austin, Texas and today we're going to show you how to fit a bike seat or choose a bike saddle. Basically you'll need to determine what features you are looking for whether it be comfort such as this one here typically found on like a beach cruiser, a larger saddle, some springs, great for just cruising around and being comfortable. There's a few other different types of saddles like these will have a relief here to relieve pressure. Womens' saddles are generally a little bit wider here and a little bit shorter nose. All of these things are designed around comfort. Then you'll have something more like a performance saddle. Again they'll have relief in this section, titanium rails, carbon, inner side here which will both allow that saddle to flex and still be lightweight. There is obviously you can see there is numerous different choices. If you come around the side here there is actually some more sporty even lighter saddles all basically bike seats will range anywhere from $30 on up to about $300 and that's how you fit a bike seat.