Hi, I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing in Murray, Utah. Today, we're going to show you how to unstop or clean a tub drain. This, this particular drain has a lever on it, some of them will be a flat plate. You just want to remove your screws, some of them will have two screws, some of them are a single screw. Go ahead and remove those. Now, on this particular drain assembly, what stops the water is a linkage. We'll have to pull those out. At this point, take a look at this. Make sure it's not all gummed up with the hair or soap scum. Clean that off and at this point, you can go ahead and run your snake down. You do want to run it down through the overflow, it's much easier to do. Feed it down, lock your snake in place. Give a little twist and push and you'll be able to feed that right down through that drain. It'll take a couple of times, when it stops, go ahead and give it a little lock; feed it down about six inches at a time. Once you fed that snake all the way down, you can go ahead and feed it back into your drum. And at this point, you're ready to reinstall your drain assembly or face plate. Stick it back in there, tie it, tie, put in both screws or if it has, only has one, put in one screw. Go ahead and tighten those back down and now, you've clean your top drain, you're ready to test and make sure it's now draining. And again, I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, Murray, Utah, and we've just shown you how to clean or unstop a bath tub drain assembly.