I'm Alexander Mauskop. I'm Director of The New York Headache Center. Symptoms of a vestibular migraine. Vestibular mechanism is the one that's responsible for balance, sense of balance and coordination so people with vestibular migraine get dizzy and develop vertigo, spinning sensation and headaches. It's not an official term. Vestibular migraine is just a migraine with neur neurological symptoms, suggesting disturbance of the vestibular mechanism in your brain, or brain stem, or cerebellum, anything that gets you off balance. Some people call these vestibular migraines, but in fact it's just a regular migraine with vestibular symptoms. It is also true that people who have migraines are much more likely to develop dizziness, and vertigo, and other signs of inner ear disturbance, vestibular disturbance even if they're not having a migraine attack. So, the patients with migraines are usually not as coordinated as as patients people who don't have migraines. So, that's part of the migraine complex, difficulties with balance, coordination, with vestibulis mechanism.