Hi, I'm Janna at Granite Bakery, and I just want to give you a couple tips on how to store a fondant cake. Once you've covered the cake and added your final decorations, you do want to keep the cake in a refrigerator. Forty-five degrees is a good temperature for a cake. At all costs, try to avoid freezing a cake after you've covered it in fondant. Cake is moist, and once you remove it from the freezer, once the cake starts to thaw, the cake will start to look wet. All that moisture wants to go somewhere, so the cake will start to look as though, like it's sweaty. So if you keep the cake in the fridge, it's the best place for it, again, no cooler than 45 degrees. So if you do keep your cake in the refrigerator, which is the very best place for it once it's finished, make sure that you don't have other food in the refrigerator that's of strong odor or strong taste. It's possible that if your cake is in the same space as something like onions or green peppers, when you go and cut your cake and taste it, it might actually pick up that flavor. So, we've talked about fondant, we've talked about how to keep it stored. Definitely keep it in a refrigerator, and definitely keep your foods that might cause contamination or other flavors to mix into your cake separate from your cake.