Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. Well, how do you get rid of those little beasties, the little bugs that get on your tomato plants? Of course, it depends on what kind of bugs they are. If you got a caterpillar problem, they'll usually start off small; then I might try something like the Dipel or Thuricide. If you've got aphids or some of the other insects, I'd probably go to one of these spray type materials. This one contains some pyrethrin. If it's got some pyrethrin in it, well originally it was a synthetic form of a chrysanthemum flower, or actually it was a chrysanthemum flower. Now they've synthesized it, so it's kind of made man-made, but it's still is pretty safe. You can spray these on your veggies, and normally there's only like a one to two to three day time between the time you treat and the time that you can harvest one of your tomatoes. Do read the label. Remember, the label is the law. Little beasties on your tomatoes can certainly ruin your gardening experience. And if you do due diligence, you'll be checking your little tomatoes on a daily basis. When you find those little caterpillars or those little aphids, or little mites on there, I'd give them their last supper. For askdrgreenthumb.com, I'm Stan Defreitas.