Now we're here to talk about how to plant your bougainvillea in a well prepared hole that has excellent drainage. Again, your bougainvillea does not like wet feet. Dig a hole that is one third larger than the can of your bougainvillea. Take half the native soil and mix half new, fresh organic soil. I like to add a little bit of phosphate and a little bit of cotton seed meal at the bottom of the hole. Again, do not disturb the root ball of this plant. You can touch the top, take away excess dirt so that the dirt that's here already is not on top of the bougainvillea. That causes crown or root rot. Again, in a well drained, prepared hole, take your bougainvillea, carefully tapping it out of the pot. Take your bougainvillea and carefully lift it out of the container. Again, don't fool or touch with this root ball. Plant it now in your well prepared hole, making sure again that this plant is facing the right direction, you're watering it well. When you plant your bougainvillea, make sure that you have this plant a half to a quarter inch taller than the surrounding level of the soil. Again, once this bougainvillea settles it will be at the proper, higher level than the surrounding soil. This helps with crown and root rot. Lastly, water. Again, don't make your bougainvillea soggy. Water it in well once, come back again in three to four days, making sure again that it has proper moisture and you're ready to go with an addition to your home and garden.