Hi, my name is Angela and in this segment I'm going to show you how to remove bags from under your eyes. Well, in the olden days, they used to just use cucumbers, they sliced them up, they put them you know, in the fridge and then you stick them under your eyes. But, a lot of us, you know, we wake up and their just there, I'm not sure how, but anyway, all of us have it, it's either heredity or we wake up just, we didn't sleep well. Well, now besides doing the cucumbers, they actually sell something that's just a little pad like this, that you can just lay back, stick them on your eyes for ten minutes and it helps bring them down. Another thing you can do is, take your eye moisturizer, just anything that you already are using, specifically for the eyes, I just stick mine in the refrigerator, in the vegetable section, so it doesn't get too cold, and then I just pat a little bit down here under the eye and around the top and just leave that on, and it works wonders. A lot of companies now, they actually sell eye creams that have caffeine in it, and that will temporarily take them down, it looks really good, I'm surprised! And, this is my number one favorite thing. Concealer, they come in creams, they come in all different types of tubes, and I just put a little under the eye, and you can either pat it with your finger, but I like to use a brush, cause it's not pulling on your eye area. Just blend it out like that and instant refresher. And, that is how you remove bags from under your eyes.