Hello, my name is Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, board certified dermatologist, and author of "Six Weeks to Sensational Skin." This is about how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes. As a dermatologist, I have to tell you that these dark circles are hereditary in many cases, and they are also sometimes related to not getting enough sleep, so of course, please try to get that eight hours of sleep a day. But the very, very good news about dark circles is that there are now wonderful ingredients that are specifically geared to help to stop the leakage of blood into the skin from our capillaries. It can help to prevent the leakage of blood from the vessels into our skin and that's what gives us the dark circles. So, look for a product that really is loaded with peptides, and these peptides, these eye peptides should be present at a certain level, at a certain concentration to really give a great change in your skin. Something like the Dr. Loretta Youthful Eye Lift is going to actually minimize; sometimes almost seem to take away or erase those dark circles. So, the best of luck to you. This is Dr. Loretta Ciraldo.