Hi, I'm Amelia and I'm going to talk to you about preventing brassy blond hair. Well first let's talk about the causes of it. The causes are minerals in the water, oxidation from the sun, and if your hair's overly porous, it can pick up different things in the environment. So if your hair starts to get brassy, you also may not have been lifted light enough to begin with. So if you're not lifted light enough, and the hairdresser uses a toner on you and the toner wears off, then what's left might be a brassy tone. So just make sure that when you speak to your hairdresser, you're very descriptive about the color blond that you want. You also want to make sure that you use a color preserving shampoo because even though your hair's been pre-lightened, or lightened with highlights, you still have some tone in there and you want to preserve that as much as possible. Also color shampoos tend to be more moisturizing, so it's going to be just better off for your hair. If you still have issues with brassiness, than what I recommend is also a toning shampoo. And I recommend something like the shimmering lights or the white violet by Artec. Something that's got some purple to it. A lot of people with gray hair tend to use these as well because what it does is it completely tones out the yellow in the hair. And you'll notice that if you use that a few times, your highlights will stay brighter and ashier a lot longer. However, if you use it too much and your hair is porous, you may start to turn purple. No worries. Stop using it for a day or two, it'll wash out. So just make sure that your hairdresser is getting you light enough to begin with and that you're using the proper products at home to maintain your blond look. And that's how to prevent your hair from becoming brassy.