We are summering up our day in scrapbooking and I would like to just share with you some fun things to do with your photos and some easy inexpensive ways to do your scrapbooking. One way is now they have a lot of scrapbook kits out there where the pages are pre-made for you. Having pages pre-made makes it so easy cause all the thinking work is done for you. This set of pre-made pages are monochromatic, tone on tone and this is the black section and so we can just come through all the pages made and just to show you what I’ve done with them, is I had scrapbook my vacation pictures for 2004 on this and then for the next vacation I will go to another color scheme and you can just buy packs and pack and so basically all you need is your pictures and just start cutting ideas. For instance this one, I cut all my pictures very small because the rest of the pictures are pretty much mostly background so by cutting them down you really zoom in, I do all the work on the computer. I’ll sit down and get all my pictures in, sit at the computer and take it page by page, do my wording and then I just with a pair of scissors and cut them out. You can also do all this by hand and if you’ll see I just filled in spots, here I had to split a picture, here I put two pictures together, circles, rounded edges, stuff we talked about previously. More ideas, just fill in your space, here I just gave it an odd shape, here I took a sunset picture and just kind of graduated them down and ended with a circle, same thing here, just kind of fill up your space nothing has to fit exact. This is a fun way where you just cut everything out. There’s me and old Fred, but just cut them out, fill up the space, get rid of the background so you can focus in just what you’re trying to scrapbook. Here we go again, a bunch of circles, some memorabilia, if you had tickets from a place you’ve been, here I just kind of sculpted around like the clouds. Get post cards, here we weren’t allow to take pictures so we took some post cards, odd ball pictures, here I cut one in several and then the picture was too big for this spot so you can’t even tell I took the middle of that titer totter out by cutting that one. Again just some odd shapes will give some interest to it, this one right here, if you can focus in on that, this is one picture I kind of cut it at a diagonal, stuck it into there and it’s hard to tell that’s even the same picture, it looks like I cut two different pictures but they actually go together and make one picture.