So we're going to talk about how to prepare for a beauty pageant. The obvious thing would be your wardrobe and your physique and, of course, facial expressions like how you smile in a nice way. And how to walk and talk to the judges and any way how to represent your country and how to present yourself to an audience. Wardrobe, well I think it should be elegant but sassy. I make sure that my girls get that when I send them out to pageants. We take them shopping at least a few times so that they get a feel for what they should buy, and then they can buy the rest themselves. I want them to be brave enough to wear bright colors, but in an elegant way not in a cheap way. An important part is that we buy shoes, a lot of girls are not used to walking with heels, that's a must. We teach them for about four to six weeks how to do the catwalk with about 15cm heels, even more if we're talking about a short girl. We just basically train her how to look good at all times, even if she's just chilling at the hotel lounge she should be looking elegant even though she would be in her casual wear. It should be a nice fashionable casual wear, not something from your home closet that you just sort of through on and started cleaning your house. It has to be something that you look presentable in.