Hi my name is Amelia and I'm going to talk to you about how to fix hair color disasters. Well first of all always have a picture when you go into the salon so that you and the designer are both on the same page about what you want but if it still turns out poorly there are some things that you can do. Another thing that you can do is immediately go back to that salon and speak to whoever is in charge and try to get them to fix it because you did pay for the service in the first place so you always want to make sure that you at least leave satisfied. But let's say that you really have something bad happen like some hair breaks off or you get some strange colors there are some things you can do. For example with this mannequin's hair you can see that she has got some breakage going on and that has just start to grow back so you are going to want to start with just using deep treatments every night. Moisture, protein, something that has a good mix. K-pack is good. You can go to another salon and get a deep treatment at that salon. A lot of times what that salon will do is if you come in and you are unhappy and your hair is damaged they will offer to give you free treatments at the salon for an extended period of time to help you get that hair back in good repair so you want to start with treatments. Then once you have done that for a couple of weeks because you want to wait for a couple of weeks in between chemical services. Once you have done that you can go in and they can either dye this back if it is too light. There is basically four reasons why color is bad. It is either too light, too dark, too brassy or too ashy. So once you figure out what your problem is then it is super easy to fix. Figure out this is too light so what does she want to do, she wants to take it back darker. She can go and get a semi permanent color and put it on. I really recommend going to a salon and having it fixed because what they are going to want to do is they're going to do a tint back and try and match her up to this or if she is too dark like here in the front she can go and just have some highlights or if she is o'kay with that go and put a few highlights in. Do know if the hair is too dark it will fade. If the hair is too ashy it will tone down. Hair color always tones down and it always fades. If it is too light go have some low lights put in but hair color disasters are not nearly as bad as you think they are at the moment. Just make sure that you always bring a picture in so you and your designer know exactly what you want.