So, you believe everything in your basement's functioning properly with your furnace but for some reason it's not workin' properly? This is our next next step we're going to take. We're going to go up to your thermostat which is the brain of your heating system. We're going to make sure this is workin' properly. So, we'll go through and we're going to check all of our wires. Tug on em' a little bit; make sure there's no loose connections. These ones all seem fine. So, you're going to want to do the same thing in the basement. You got the same different operation down in your board of your furnace, so follow your wire back down; open up your board of your furnace and you do the same thing with all the wires. Make sure they're all nice and snug cause' that's going to be your number one biggest problem is your wires come loose or somethin', and it's not tellin' the furnace to actually fire when it's supposed to. One other option is you got a programmable thermostat, and you may have programmed your furnace to only set for sixty five degrees, sixty seven degrees on a set day of the week. Now, you're tryin' to turn your furnace up higher than that and it's not kickin' on. Well, that's because you programmed this thermostat to only run to that temperature, so make sure you double check that and if you're havin' a problem with that reset your thermostat all together, look at your owners manual; find out how to reset it, and then reset it to your likings then.