Hello, my name is Mark. In this segment we're going to cover how to remove swirl marks from automotive paint surfaces. Generally what the swirl marks are is...they come from washing the car when you're using a sponge or a rag. As you're wiping up dirt, it's adhering that dirt to the cloth, and as you're washing it off you're gently scratching and putting swirl marks in the finish of the car. This can also happen from the industrial washers, drive through machines that have the big rolling brushes. There's lots of products out on the market that can remove this. Scratch Remover from GS 27, Nu Finish Scratch Doctor. There's several different products out on the market and they all work relatively well. Basically, what you want to do is read the instructions on the product, whatever product you're using, and just follow those in detail. And basically what they're going to have you do is apply a small amount to a polish cloth, and, just by gently rubbing in a swirly motion, you're rubbing that wax and polymer into those fine scratches and filling 'em, and virtually making 'em disappear, giving that smooth, lustrous finish. Prior to using on a high visibility area on your car, I recommend taking a small amount, using it down underneath the car somewhere where it's not visible, and make sure the product works well on your car and doesn't damage the paint. So that way you get a good product, and, that's how you remove the swirl marks from automotive paint surfaces.