Hey, everybody. It's "Dynamic" John Mickel from Dynamic Carpet Care. And, every day I'm asked, "How do I get out stains. How do I get out odors from a carpet?" And, one that I'm asked quite a bit is, "How do I get soot marks out of my carpeting?" So, you've been roasting some marshmallows on the fire one night, was a nice night for a fire, and what did you do? You got some soot marks from the stuff flying out, onto the carpet. How do I get that out? Well, you're going to take your home remedy, the warm water in the spray bottle with some dish detergent. Mix that up, spray that area pretty good. Now, you've got your white cloth, you go over the area, wipe those up. And, soot is usually, you know, very thick. So, you want to make sure you wipe it up good. You might even need a little bit more on there. Wipe it up. Once you've gotten it all up, or at least most of it, you want to take your Shop-Vac. The Shop-Vac's going to get out all that moisture, and all the soap out of the carpet. So, I hope this home remedy for taking out the soot marks from your carpet helped. If it didn't, contact your local professional, and he should be able to help you with that. If not, contact me, www.DynamicCarpetCareTampa.com. And remember, keep it clean, my friends.