Hi, my name's Jeremiah Rohr. I'm with The Frame Shop in St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm here to talk about "What is a Frame and Mount of a Canvas?" Canvas paintings are often done on a...by an artist, that end up on a frame. It's quite a simple operation. Consists of a wooden frame on the back that the canvas is stapled to. So this is the frame, and then we mount the canvas to the frame. We start off with a very simple, wooden frame. We take the canvas that the artist works on. The artist can work on either loose canvas like this, or they mount it onto the frame before..and then work directly on to a stretched canvas. Once the artist has the finished picture, you can do a number of things with it. First, we can put a very simple frame....you can put no frame around it at all, and just leave it like this and hang it on the wall. You could put a very simple frame. This is a simple frame of just a one by two tacked on to the edge, and it's suitable for hanging up on a wall. Or you could get fancy, and stick it into a very nice frame that a custom framer could mount the whole thing to. And this is all screwed on to the back and taken care of, and ready to hang on the wall as a pretty piece to display. And that's how....what canvas mounting and framing is all about.