MARK BLOCKER: In this segment, we're going to cover removing the rear tire. We've already got the vehicle jacked up. At this time, we've got the parking brake applied and it's in park. The parking brake is activated through the rear wheels on this model car. So, the parking brakes is going to hold the wheels in place while I break the lug nuts free. It uses a 3/4 socket or 19mm socket on this model car. I'm going to use a star wrench because it gives me a good equal torque when I apply it on both sides and it keeps the stress located in the center and help prevent the possibility of rounding off the lug nut or slipping off while you're loosing them. And I'm just going to go around and break each one free first. I'll break in a few turn about half turn. I'll go into a star pattern. Once I've got each of them broken free, then this is what I like about is, is the quick and easy ability to spin it with your fingers. Remove the lug nuts. Carefully, keep them in one place before we take 'em off, we want to take everything and set it aside so it's out of our working space. It keeps our working environment safe and clean. It also keeps all the parts and things together so you don't lose anything. Now, you get the lug nuts off and I set them aside. We remove the rear wheel. Sometimes, you just have to give it a good bump to break it free, wiggle it, and you just want to slide it off using equal pressure on both sides. Once you've got the rear wheel removed, you can just go ahead and set it aside, keep it together with your lug nuts, so you got everything in one place and then you can do the exact same on the opposite side of the car. So, that will cover this segment on removing the rear wheels. In our next segment, we'll be removing the rear calipers.