Okay, we're still on the drum sander and we're down to the part of doing the finished sanding. I usually use 100 or 120 grit which is just fine on this it does it very quickly. It doesn't take as much as taking off the stain. As you can tell we already have the boards down and they're looking good. We just want to use a finer grit of sander to bring a much cleaner finish to the wood so you see the grain and it will look really decent so just use a lighter grit, make sure you have it on the drum nice and tight and away you go. One thing with the drum sanders is they will just eat into the wood and you don't want to eat into the wood, when you come up to the end of your pass you want to keep going and shut the machine off and just let it coast down. You don't want to just hold it in one place and dig into the wood. When you?re coming up to the end, just turn it off and lift it up so you're not eating it up. When you are operating a big drum sander you can use the handle to pull it one way or pull it the other way, you can use it to get down into the cuts of the wood and it just takes experience on how to control one of these large things. The biggest thing you don't want it running and making a cut down into the wood.