Hi, my name is Chris Noble, I'm an independent IT consultant and professional photographer, my name website is www.doglikehorse.com. This is a short video on how to turn on or enable cookies. Cookies are useful little bits of information that websites will put on your computer to identify you in future. Most websites use them entirely for good purposes, so you don't have to enter in the same information every time you visit a website. Like your bank's website or Facebook or whichever websites you visit. But a lot of them maliciously, some people tend to turn off cookies. But if you can't cross a website where they request that you have cookies enabled. You may need to, you may find yourself needing to re-enable them. To re-enable cookies in Firefox, just click on the Preferences section of Firefox, which is File Preferences. Under Preferences, you'll need to go to the Privacy Settings, and under Privacy, use Custom Settings. And under those custom Settings, you'll see the ability to turn on or turn off cookies. My name is Chris Noble, thanks for watching this video.