Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to wash silk. First of all when you buy something silk you want to put a fabric protector on it. That will protect it for, you know, it will last for years and years longer if you can do this. If you have some silk that's dirty or maybe you're out in the rain, it got some water stains on it, something like that; you want to be really gentle with the way that you wash it, but you know, sometimes it's got to be washed. So you want to make a solution with lukewarm water, about a third of a cup of a gentle laundry detergent. Find one that's really made for fragile materials you know and, and delicate fabrics. If you have a really bad stain on it that you're trying to get out, you want to add some vinegar to the solution, just a splash. But if it's just a general washing, the laundry detergent and water will do. You want to take your silk fabric, put it in your solution, use a spoon or your fingers, whatever you want to do. Sometimes I like to get down in it and use my hands; work it around just a little bit, not too much. Let it sit in that solution for about ten to fifteen minutes. If the stain is worse, you may want to let it sit longer but not too long. I would say no longer than twenty five minutes. After you have let it soak, gently bring it out; rinse it in cold water and to dry it, you just want to dry it between two towels. We've all done this before with sweaters and things that you can't put in the dryer. Lay your towel out, lay your fabric on top of the towel. "Oopps". Spread it out obviously, flat and, "seam", place another towel on top. You can roll this up if you want to get it out of the way; not too tight, just roll it up lightly and set it aside. If you've got multiple items, this will save you some room. And I'm Rachel Yatuzis, that's how you wash silk.