My name is Raymond T. Meyer of Lost Island Voyages, Miami, Florida. And this Ben and Antonio, and today were going to touch on the subject of beginning of canoing and kayaking. While on land life jackets are not necessary, but obviously while you are in the water you would need a life jacket. Now there is many ways to paddle and many way to go. The easy way is the straight down, forward paddle. This is a very good way to go and it is very simple. But it would turn you a certain way. If you paddle on this side, the canoe will turn this way, which is why it is important to alternate your strokes when using this. While you are by your self, you may want to use the j-stroke. This is much like the forward stroke, except you do have a small turn at the end. This well help you keep moving straight. Also if you need to move in reverse, there is the backward stroke.