Hello I'm Dan LeSieur with DK LeSieur Incorporated. We are a landscape contractor in The City of Washougal State of Washington. Today we have been asked to talk about troubleshooting weed eaters. As you can see we have many different varieties. We have a home owner variety, a commercial variety and another commercial variety. The first thing you are going to want to do is take a look at your owner's manual. I have already read mine and I'm wondering why my weed eater won't start. First off you have got to make sure the start button is on and you pull and it's not starting so what I would do is I would pull my spark plug which is right here. It's got this little black wire, get your spark plug, pull it out and make sure it's not corroded, put it back in and that is one thing. Another thing could be our carburetor, our choke lever could be off so that would keep it from starting as well. Another issue you might have is we get it started and now it dies, it runs and it dies which could be our choke and also our air filter. The air filter could be plugged that will kill it and also our choke might not be working. I would pull that apart, take a look at it and move from there. Our next issue would be the machine is smoking and it's o'kay for it to smoke a little bit because it is a two stroke. You are putting oil in the gas but if you're blowing out white smoke and it's coming out pretty heavy that means that we've mixed our fuel to gas, our fuel to oil mixture way too strong so I would take and dump the fuel out of the machine and remix it to a little bit leaner with gasoline, not so much oil and make sure we are going by the factory recommendation of ratio. Most of them are 50 to 1 but you'll get some that are 40 to 1 and if it's smoking you are probably going too fat with the 50 to 1 but always go back to your owner's manual. It will tell you the best thing what to do on it and that is three common problems you're going to have with your weed eater.