How to work with an older dog on house training? It's this the whole concept is still the same as working with a puppy. You're trying to teach a dog that your entire house is off limits for going to the bathroom. This is a little bit counterintuitive to dogs who would choose much smaller space to call home and to defend and not to go to the bathroom in. These dogs are naturally clean animals. In the case of an older dog as I say you do exactly the same thing as you would do with a puppy, you would confine them in a smaller space, you might want to work on proper crate training first to make your dog comfortable with the crate because then you can control the amount of space that they're in and capitalize on that dog's natural instinct to be clean. And then when take them out periodically to go to the bathroom. When they go to the bathroom outside and this is something that you should really focus on for a couple of weeks, it'll make your life a lot easier in the long run. Take them out on a leash. Take them out and go with them so you can watch them. With an older dog, it's much easier because they are less likely to be distracted as puppies are about butterflies so to speak. So, take your dog outside on a leash if they urinate or defecate, go to the bathroom outside, they get to come back into the house for some freedom. If they do not, they come back in and go into the crate for about ten to fifteen minutes and then you get an opportunity to try again. So, confining them to a small room may not necessarily work because it might still be big enough for them to feel comfortable going to the bathroom is. So, I would start with a crate, make sure they get out often and again, with an older dog you don't have the issue of a smaller bladder. They have a pretty good ability to hold their hold their bladder for quite a long time. So, this has been something you'd been working on two or three times a day. And then they come back in, they get freedom. They don't go to the bathroom outside, they come back in, they get confined and they get an opportunity to go again. So, if you stick to these rules and you're careful and you don't have any accidents in the house so to speak, you'll be much quicker at in helping your dog understand what it is you're after. And again, once they understand it's a wonderful thing, Lady here actually believes her entire property is off limits for going to the bathroom. She would like to be ideally 300 feet from the house to go to the bathroom. So, it is something that you can communicate to them if you're patient and you give yourself plenty of time.