Hi this is Sammi at the Utah Animal Care Center in West Bountiful, Utah. We are here to talk about how to trim your dog's toenails. We have got Ruby here to demonstrate for us. White nails are a little bit easier. You will just locate the pink quick, place your clippers at the end of the pink quick and cut quickly. Make sure to commit to the spot. Black nails are a little bit more difficult. When you first take off the hook you will see a little black circle and the nail bed. You will want to continue cutting a little at a time until the circle covers most of the nail bed and then you will see a little white dog in the middle and that's how you will know that that is as far as you can go without causing any bleeding. If your dog's nail does bleed, make sure that you have some septic sticks available or also some quick powder that you can put on them to stop the bleeding. Once you have established the base for the first nail you can use that as a guideline for the rest of the nails and always remember to trim any do claws if the dog has them. If you would like to contact us please go to utahanimalcare.com.